our veterans| a haiku|

our veterans| a haiku| — here’s a haiku I wrote for our veterans| — my cousin Richard| who didn’t make it home alive, a land mine| took his life| after he received his discharge papers and sent a tape to his parents how he couldn’t wait to come home, my Uncle Louie a World War II| hero now in his 90’s, my good friend| Milt Waalkens| who recently passed away from an immune| disorder| he incurred from a chemical| he was exposed to during the time he served in the Vietnam War| my Uncle, Bruce Rush, a marine in the Vietnam War| who struggled with health issues the rest of his life after he returned from the war| and and all the unsung| war heroes| and sheroes| past|, present| and future.

I woke up this morning with a very strong image of a veteran| I saw riding down the street in his hover chair earlier this week.  He had the look of enjoyment, freedom and at the same time sadness.  Knowing it may be the last time he would be cruising the familiar ride. I know I did.  I was thinking he sacrificed a lot for his country, can’t we help him now.   He must have been remembering a lot of things as he took that ride . . .  he must have been wondering how he was going to get around after his chair was sold . . . how the $600 was really going to help him . . . one day at a time|

Yesterday while grocery shopping I saw a man tabling outside of Nobhill, he was collecting donations for Veterans| — after walking 10 feet past him I reached into my handbag, grabbed what I had to donate,  and asked my son to go give it to the man at the table.  I watched both my Son’s enthusiasm and willingness to give and the reaction on the Veteran’s face.  I’m pretty sure it was the first donation he received all day.  It wasn’t much of a donation, it was what we had to give . . . I’m not sure the donation even mattered to the man, it was the idea of the donation.  The dynamics and freshness of the innocence of youth saying thank you to the war heroes and sheroes who have sacrificed so much for freedom and the older man being filled with emotion because of it  — a special moment that they shared.

The man watched my son put his meager yet heartfelt donation in the donation box and the man enthusiastically exclaimed, “Here, this is for you!” as he reached over and handed my son an American|flag.  My son came back to me smiling waving the flag|. . . helping each other|  supporting each other  . . . isn’t that what it’s all about?  To all the unsung heroes and sheroes I may support peace|, but I DO SUPPORT YOU! . . .

our veterans| a haiku|

Sign pinned to his chest

$600 For Sale

The price for Freedom|


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