how can i get through this| mindfulness course|

how can i get through this| how can I get through this|

did you know that “how can i get through this|” “how| can| i| get| through| this|”  how can I get through this| has 3,250,000,000 searches on google right now!  Wow!  I don’t know what you’re going through that led you to me . . . but whatever it is, keep this in mind:

Always keep in mind that the nature of life is impermanence . . . and whatever it is that you’re going through right now . . . like a wave will dissipate into something else on it’s own . . . sometimes it is hard to keep that perspective though . . . peace

I find a practice of mindfulness| gives me the tools| I need to shift perspective| and get through even the toughest days.   I can teach you how . . . go to the top of my blog and click on the categories that interest you:

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Through a practice of mindfulness| peace and a path to happiness is yours!

Great happiness & peace to you!


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