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Is a practice of mindfulness| something for you?

Why should you choose me as your meditation coach?|

I will show you how to access your inner resources and make them available to you at all times.

You are the best| resource you have to rely on, weigh the facts when you are faced with tough decisions.  Learn to be there for yourself instead of feeling overwhelmed.

How?  Through a practice of Mindfulness|.  I will show you how you have tools you may not realize you have and how to use them.

First you will learn how to reconnect with yourself, which enables you to communicate| more effectively with others  both at home and in your professional life.

I will show you how to find more time each day by living in present moment| awareness| and no longer struggling.  Increase your energy by teaching you to stop beating yourself up — learn to shift perspective| and accept things as they are.  A daily practice of Mindfulness in as little as 5 minutes a day can do all this and more.  It isn’t a quick fix.  However, you will begin to see a difference in a short time.

I can show you how to destress|.  Some of the tools we will use are daily walks in as little as 30 minutes day 4-5 times a week, visualization| for relaxation|, and a practice of meditation| and mindfulness which are really one in the same.  In addition we will add, a very powerful tool — again you already have — Your Mind.  Your mind is an amazing resource — A very powerful too|l and ally.  I’ll teach you how to use it to your advantage.   To work for you not against you.   Did you know that the nature of mind is to make up it’s own automatic untrue thoughts?  Often negative in nature.  If you do nothing but watch the thought| for 30 seconds it will dissolve into something much more interesting.  Try it.   This is very powerful knowledge.  Putting this technique into practice will improve your life dramatically.

Let go of fear, anxiety|, and other negative thoughts that are keeping you stuck|, holding you back, making you lose precious sleep at night.  You will have freedom to enjoy your life.  I can show you how to heal|, relax|, focus|, destress, by combining visualization, walking| & meditating techniques.  They work.  They have worked for me and they will work for you too.

Call me and schedule|an appointment| to learn how to Walk & Meditate\ 4 Your Health.  The first one is on me.

Check my facebook page for free upcoming Walk & Meditate 4 Health events:

to learn more about walk & meditate for health and upcoming events stop by and “like” my facebook page: Cindi Silva Communication Page

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Cindi Silva|, Communication Coach
(510) 712-7911

One on One Coaching:
Hour sessions: $97.00
Sliding scale available

Group Hour Session: $47.00, per group member
Sliding scale available

Pre-pay 5 One-on-One Sessions: $387.00

Pre-pay 5 Group sessions: $187.00


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