Do What You Love|

Even as a child I’ve always been interested in what makes people happy| and wondered why everyone couldn’t be happier. I love feeling good and seeing others feel good around me. We all do that is our true purpose| in life.

Recently a close friend told me he felt I was not born to live an ordinary life|. After reflecting on that I think I need more clarification. I’m really not sure what an ordinary life means. I feel our lives are to be lived in awareness. During our lifetime we should keep growing, discovering who we are, tap into our inner resources. Discover our hidden talents, we each have so many waiting to be realized. More than we will have time to discover in our lifetime.  Some we will be better at than others. Some we can improve upon. Some it doesn’t even matter how good we become just doing them for our own pleasure and satisfaction is reward enough. I do believe we can do and should do anything we want to do. Our own success| in life is up to us. If there is something we really want to do, there is a way to do it. Life is filled with endless possibilities|. When we live in awareness| we are able to see the opportunities| as they present| themselves to us and choose which ones we want to act upon. This is one of the best reasons| for a practice of meditation|.

Some of the biggest obstacles I have had in my own life holding me back aren’t what you would normally think. They aren’t a lack of money, or the right ivy league school, or the right break. They were me holding me back by 1) self-limiting thoughts- What am I thinking? I’m not sure I can pull this off; 2) inactivity – not knowing how to get started or what to do next, 3) fear – letting fear of the unknown bully me. A practice of meditation and living mindfully has opened my mind and allowed me to access my inner strength and happiness|.

I have found that combining some of the things I love the most nature walks|, quiet time, music|, art|, and writing| I can share the tools| I have learned over the years and show how it may be something worthwhile for others as well. I am now a blogger, writer and communication coach| & take people on mindfulness walks|.  Just like you there is so much more to me than that.  I keep discovering more about myself each day.  Each one of us holds many universes within ourselves.  I know this is true of all of us.  We are so much bigger than we can even imagine!  Keep looking outside the box because you can’t possibly fit inside a box!

Our own mind is the most powerful tool and ally we have. It is our own best friend or worst enemy. Peace and freedom is ours once we realize this.  Great happiness & peace to you!


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