Protesters Occupy Wall Street| — Power to the People| A Poem|

Power to the People!

Do you hear the Middle class
Waited until now
But they are finally protesting
They are here to help
The hungry
the homeless
the poor
the single parent families
the orphans
the veterans
the immigrants
the sick
the injured
the disabled
The middle class has
That’s what really counts

The filthy corruption
The same-o, same-o
Lies and business as usual
that isn’t working anymore
The soulless money stealing
Power hungry game playing
Hand shaking, back room deal making
Wealthy few criminals that have been
Running our country
Driving their fancy cars
Living in their mansions
Wearing their brands
Going to fundraisers for their
Favorite politicians
Life’s one photo op after another
That’s what really counts

More middle class are coming
Already terrified
Losing sleep
Downsizing their homes
As they lose their jobs
Careful if your unemployed too long
No more work for you
Keep downsizing their lives
Spending their retirements
Wondering how their going to tell
Their kids their world has changed
Kids are adaptable, right?
New neighborhoods
Dollar Stores
Thrift stores
McDonalds, canned beans and rice
No more cable tv
Cell phone for now, no landline
Sell what you can
Cutting expenses to the bare minimum
Defaulting on credit cards
Signing up with unemployment
We didn’t see this coming
The wealthy few need to turn this around
That’s what really counts right now


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