October 7| (A Poem About Acceptance)

Sometimes we grow apart . . . sometimes we first notice it while we have cancer . . . like glass shattering . . . sometimes emotional pain comes back before we can accept the loss and let it go . . . here’s a poem I wrote . . .

October 7

I hope I forget

The words in your letter

This day

I sensed it would come

I felt the distance for sometime

Before I say goodby

I want to ask you

Do you remember

When we were young

Being separated for five minutes

Running across the crowded room

With open arms and laughing

Hugging so tightly like we’d been

Separated across distant lands and timeless spans

I do

Do you remember

When times were dark

Weren’t you there; where did you go?

There were some scary times

Maybe you blocked those out

I carried the torch for 34 years

I passed it on to you

I thought you were ready

Are you paying me back now?

It was hard but I took care of things for 34 long years

Family is strong

I knew you’d come back

Sometimes when it’s too painful people forget

It’s okay if you don’t

I do

Let’s go back to the happier times

Do you remember the fun that we shared

Growing up, together, the laughter

The innocence

The summers, the Christmases

The music, the acting

The drinking always got in the way

The humor that masked all the pain

The seemingly happy exterior

That made everyone think

It was all okay

We were even fooled for

The first 18 or 20 years

The shouting, the abuse, I felt it

You escaped it

Do you remember

I do

Do you remember

You were my first best friend

Staying up late; telling each other every thing

As we grew older

The dreams of our lives one day

The shingles on our office doors

Across the hall

Sending clients to each other

Helping; building; growing together;

Family is strong

I do

Now I’m staying up late

Writing you this

Because I can’t believe

What you have done

I can’t fall asleep

Mourning the loss of you

How much I miss you

I can’t believe how much you’ve changed

That all the dreams have been shattered

I can’t believe that you can devalue people

How callous you have become

Do you really not care about family

Do you know the one about the doctor

Who is sending her three nieces

Off to college

Did you hear the one about the

Lobbyist who has 3 houses

Two that he won’t rent out, one of those paid for

Forgets where he came from

Doesn’t care if his niece goes to college

I hope that one day you will

Come back to your roots

I know you must still be inside there

Somewhere deep inside

I wish I could summons you

I hope that one day you will

I choose to remember the good times

I hope that you can heal, I have

Find yourself inside of you

I love you

I do

I remember the laughter

The caring and the love

Hiding behind the mask of the

Hate and all the pain

Family is strong

You will realize it one day to

I hope that you do

I really do


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