Mindfulness| the Peaceful Breathing Dragon| — A Poem About Mindfulness| Present Moment Awareness|

Present Moment Awareness|

As easy as breathing|

As simple as being|

You already “are”|



Brings me home|

Why do I meditate?|

It’s the magic of mindfulness|

Mindfulness| is my Peaceful
Breathing Dragon|

With me everywhere I go

Although sometimes I wander|

Mindfulness is always here|

Wherever I go

In the noisy|

Quiet of my mind|

Invites me

Come as you are

All are welcome

I look for Mindfulness

My Peaceful Breathing Dragon

Thoughts dissipate

Mind states tamed

Gently with loving kindness

Mindfulness| takes me home

With Mindfulness I am always

Mindfulness puts time in its

Present moment| awareness|

No more longing for magical|

Far off lands in the future|

No more held hostage by my

Mindfulness keeps me

Standing in my field of

In Present moment awareness|

Living in harmony with time|

Mindfulness my Peaceful
Breathing Dragon

Has so many magical powers

Clear seeing –

When I look into your eyes, I
see my own

Clear hearing – I can really
hear you!

Are you listening?

The miracle of hearing the
birds outside my window!

Clear knowing



Non-Harming, Compassion

Mindfulness reminds me we are
all interconnected as one

The magic of Mindfulness

Walk| with me and

My Peaceful Breathing Dragon


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Mindfulness the Peaceful Breathing Dragon|A Mindfulness Poem| About Present Moment Awareness|

By Cindi Silva



About mindfulnesswalks

Publicist| Citizen Journalist| Host| Mindfulness Walks| Virtual Cafe|Poet| Writer| Artist
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