Top Ten Labor Day Songs| The Nation|

For me Labor Day is one of my favorite holidays.  To me it is a metaphor showcasing the human condition, reminding us that  we are stronger than we will ever realize,  and we do have the strength to make it in life!

Life is a miracle!  We see miracles every day.  Many we take for granted — walking, seeing, talking, hearing, listening, touching, eating — for some of us it is hard labor.  

Ponder this . . .  The human condition is continuously hard labor . . . it is a miracle that we make it from the point of conception, brought here through a very difficult labor, experience growing pains (more intensive labor for ourselves and our parents) . . .  looking for work in today’s tough economy is considered labor by anyone experiencing the process . . . and keeping a job once you get it and stretching the stipend to pay the bills redefines the word labor . . .  to everyone this Labor Day, while you are enjoying your barbecue with family and friends remember this. 

You are a miracle!  I celebrate you!  Happy Labor Day!


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