Darkness or Lightness| A Mindfulness Poem|

Darkness or Lightness – A Mindfulness Poem

Do you see the cup as half empty

Or is the cup half full?

Does that shift of perspective really matter


Don’t be a walking volcano with

Thought anger waiting to erupt at the

Most peculiar times

Be a messenger of love and hope!

Uplifting and building your life and those around you!

Picking yourself up and going through the motions

Even when you don’t feel like it

Especially then!

Make it a practice

It will become natural


Do you think it’s really darkest before the dawn?

Do you know that because you heard it before?

Have you stayed up all night waiting and watching

Seeing for yourself

Is that just a metaphor to help you wait through the darkest times

What do you tell yourself when things seem really grim

So that panic doesn’t set in

What do you do when you start to listen to the negativity

Build up in your mind

Worse possible scenarios trying to flood your brain

The chatter of things aren’t going to get any better than this

When you think about it can’t get any worse

Then it does

Why dwell on the negativity

Make your focus on what you can do

Squelch it!


Do nothing

Just Watch

The thought . . .

. . . . dissipate . . .


Say, “Good bye, Thought.  You don’t frighten me.”


Turn on your favorite music



Spritz your favorite scent

Quiet your mind


Breathe and

Smile in


Do you fear the quiet before the storm

Is that a metaphor for a toxic relationship

You have with yourself?

Or someone else?

If it’s with yourself take the steps to improve it

If it’s with someone else, why are you there?

Do you fall for false alarms?





It’s okay to let your guard down


Do you believe “He only gives you what you can handle”

I believe we have more strength than we will ever realize.

When you have no idea what to do & don’t know where to go

Look inside

Quiet your mind

Reach deep into your soul

Your inner awareness

Is always there for you


Just what to do

The answers always come to you

If you let them in

Trust yourself

Don’t rush yourself

Maybe we are talking about the same thing?


Beauty surrounds you

Everywhere you go

In everything you do


Sometimes glittering on the surface

Often beauty is tangled in with various remnants & shards

Broken down, worn out, or

Buried deep below the surface

Keep looking until you find

the beauty that always exists

If you look closely

Long enough

Deeply enough

You will always find beauty

Make it a practice

A much happier way

Living in


Cindi Silva



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2 Responses to Darkness or Lightness| A Mindfulness Poem|

  1. Absolutely spot on ….. love it!

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