Interconnected as One| Haiku| **Spread the Word**| **Make this viral** #interconnectedasone

Like the nite sky

the moon and stars together

so are we

Cindi Silva

We are all Interconnected as One.  This message must be spread.  It is vital to human survival, yet it is so often overlooked as we get caught up in the details of our busy lives. 

We always have time to take that extra minute to really listen, extend kindness and non-harming wherever we go.

When we look into the eyes of another we must realize that we are looking into our own eyes — we are one in the same.  We must work together to ensure that we all have the same and abundant key ingredients for us to survive.

Everyone deserves for themselves and their families a good education, a good job, realistic affordable healthcare coverage, an affordable plant based diet, affordable access to exercise equipment, a comfortable home with all the necessary conveniences and working appliances, reliable transportation,  affordable creative outlets, extra income to save for the future and some left over for unplanned events — I didn’t even mention vacations or travel.

I look on the news and I see some of my brothers and sisters still making millions of dollars.  Why must this be?  I see some of my brothers and sisters still living quite comfortably seemingly unaffected by the hardhit global economy.  How can this be? While  more and more of us are not comfortable.  We are struggling to make ends meet, wondering which bills to pay this month.  Still others are living on the streets longing for a roof over their heads, a bed of their own at night, food to eat and warm running water.  This must stop!  We must all realize we are all brothers and sisters and interconnected as one.  Whatever I experience you experience.  Your problems are my problems.  I share with you what I have and not keep great excess to myself.  Wars will finally be obsolete as we realize we are all one family and work together to meet common goals, eradicate poverty and disease.  This is my vision for the future.  It will happen once enough people realize we are all interconnected as one and work together as one.

It’s not just in America.  We must help our brothers and sisters at home but also realize we have brothers and sisters abroad — we are universally interconnected as one.   That is why I love the nite sky as a metaphor for the interconnectedness of human kind.

Spread the message.  Make this message viral.  Start spreading kindness and share what you have!  Start by  making a difference today!

We are all Interconnected as One!


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