Thoughts on Thinking and Love|

Thoughts on thinking and love . . .

Love is the greatest diversion.  The greatest human need.   Without love a baby does not stand a chance.  It appears to us in so many different forms.

When a thought of love enters our mind we hold on to each thought and build on it.  We could let it go in 30 seconds or think about something else like geting a glass of water, but we don’t.  Emotion is attached to that thought.  Depending upon how much emotion is attached to that thought depends on how many more thoughts will follow . . . unless we do nothing with the thought but watch it for 30 seconds and watch it dissipate . . . 

In general . . .  Thoughts are untrue in nature, lasting only 30 seconds if we just watch them, can either free us or confine us . . . this can be said for all thoughts — scary, neutral, or positive — thoughts will dissipate after 30 seconds if we do nothing with them.

It fascinates me how something so seemingly insignificant not even real can hold so much power in the confines of our own mind.

With practice we are more than willing to let go of negative thoughts, self defeating thoughts that limit us, keep us stuck or even terrify us.  Still it is so difficult to give up thought patterns that we know are self destructive in nature and replace them with positive thinking.  And yes with practice it can be done.  The human brain is very malleable.

With practice we are able to add thoughts of our own to build up our confidence, courage and lead us to embark on paths that we may have otherwise been afraid to travel.  

Keep in mind: You have more strength than you will ever realize.  Coming from your mind . . . your thoughts.

Our thoughts make us, can break us and define us.  Thoughts are our own, are not even our own.  So much to think about.  Thinking about thoughts . . . thoughts and thinking . . .

Romantic love is the one form that is hardest to find.  When we think we have found it, we can’t believe it!  We feel flu like.  We lose sleep over it.  We replay it’s details over & over in our mind; we don’t want it to ever leave us.  We welcome it in.  We love the uncertainty of it, we hate the uncertainty of it.

We want to explore everything about our new love.  Do we love the beauty of the thought of love and the ability it gives us to build on a story of love’s beauty and allure . . . at the time it is happening do we even care? . . . Probably not, we just keep adding thoughts as we write our love story of our new love . . . as we keep thinking more and more thoughts of our romantic expectations that this time it wiill be different, looking for cues that this time IT IS already different — thoughts that this is the great love we have been waiting for — thoughts  that this is the love we have already thought about, prepared for & created in our own mind . . . I don’t mean to sound cynical, I don’t think it’s wrong, I know it quite well, it is part of the thought of love —

Keep writing your story thought after thought of romantic love and when you find the person you want to share your love with gently share all the significant and insignificant thoughts you have on love and life and see if you are compatible, your dreams your fears, your plans in an open, non-judgmental, non-reactive, kind way, trusting each other and then you will have a better idea if this is the love you thought you found.

I wish you great love, happiness and peace!

Cindi Silva

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