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Where should you be right now?

At work?  On the way to a meeting?  At home?  Running errands? If you’re a parent, are you on the way from picking your child up or taking your child to somewhere?  Do you always feel like you are rushing from point A to point B, with so much left to do wondering how your going to get it all done each day?  Do you question the meaning of your daily busyness?  Thinking about what you have to do next before you get through what you’re doing now? Where should you be headed next?  After work then what?  Picking your children up.  Rushing to the grocery store?  Next stop hurrying home to prepare your family meal.  How much of your time is spent helping others organize their lives as well?  If your a parent with school age children there is always plenty to do each day for yourself, your job, your family.  Do you have time to do everything?  Do you make time to socialize with people you love?  Do you exercise regularly?  Do you  feel guilty to just do nothing and relax?  When was the last time you took a nap?  Do you have creative outlets?

A practice of mindfulness shows you, you already have all the time you need.  This moment and the next moment and the one after that.  If you miss a moment, it’s ok.  There is another one after that.  After all, life is endless moments filled with endless possibilities waiting to be embraced by you.   

With a practice of mindfulness you are always where you are supposed to be standing in your field of awareness.   

A practice of mindfulness gives you more energy because you are no longer wasting energy beating yourself up, wasting time and stressing over what can’t be done.   Your focus is on what can be done in a non-judgmental, non-reactive way. 

With a practice of mindfulness you will get what you NEED to get done each day with time for yourself, more energy than you have now,  and still have time for yourself — with an extra added bonus, you’ll be happier as well.   The choice is yours. 

Ponder this:  You ARE always where YOU SHOULD BE.  Stand in your field of awareness and really be there while you’re there, getting done what you need to get done, breathing and smiling your way through each day!  

Some of My Top Ten Organizing Tips:

Make a list of what you need to do right now. 

Prioritize your list with what absolutely NEEDS to get done meeting time constraints, not what you want to get done.

Fine tune it again a third time making sure not to  OVERBOOK yourself.

Do this each day.  Create a realistic schedule for yourself  with what NEEDS to be accomplished each day, delegate when you can, reschedule what can be rescheduled so as not to overbook yourself whenever possible.

Remember to cross off each completed task as you go through the day and be proud of what you accomplish!   

Some of my Top Ten Mindfulness and Meditation Tips:

With as little as five minutes of meditation a day you will begin to notice a difference.  Combine that with half smiling.

When you wake up each morning before you get out of bed follow the breath for five minutes.

When you go to bed at night end your day be following the breath for at least five minutes.

During the day remember to half smile — 24/7.  Start making smiling part of your routine.  It may sound silly at first, but there are so many health benefits to smiling! 

Start climbing stairs whenever possible — each stair is a step for your health.

Increase your daily exercise, add walking (increments okay) at least 30 minutes a day. 

Practice mindful eating.  Really pay attention to what you’re eating and savor the food.   Not always done, especially when we are always in a hurry.

I find this is a much happier way to live!

Great love, happiness & peace to you & your family.


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