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Friends,  I am always saying we are all interconnected as one.   I believe that once we all finally realize that, war will be eradicated from the planet.  We can then begin working together toward the goal of seeing that all sentinent beings will live in love, happiness, peace and kindness.   For those of you who doubt me, it is true, that those are mind states that are yours to self-realize, yet if the world you are being raised in is a kinder gentler place it seems this would make it so much easier just to be and work on achieving those mind states.   Everyone will have an abundance of what they need . . . no more suffering from hunger, homelessness, joblessness, or loneliness.   Once we recognize war is never the answer and eliminate it from the planet, we can spend our time collectively working on  curing disease,  teaching methods to achieve equanimity, and other altruistic endeavors.  

Read this thought provoking article by Joe McEvoy, it should reach your inner soul and ignite your heart’s inner activist. 


I wish you, your family & friends, great love, happiness & peace.


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