Which Would You Rather Be a Human Doing| or a Human Being|?

Do you think you are a human doing? Or do you think you are a human being? Or would you rather be a human being that gets things done? Hrrrmh?!? What does that all mean? The last one is really a trick question, because there are really only two categories. 

The first one is a human doing. Which is someone who lives their life in overload, overwhelmed, overachiever, project oriented, overdrive, overwrought, overtired, overbooked, overworked and often overlooks the beauty in life, the beautiful butterfly that flutters and floats by, the single daisy growing in the crack of the sidewalk.

The human doing sees a pile of leaves on the sidewalk as a nuisance that someone should pick up instead of the signal of the  changing of the season that it really is while missing the uniqueness and beauty that each leaf holds.

A human doing probably doesn’t have time to notice birds singing outside their window as a wake up call in the mornings, but rather focuses on their loud alarm clock interrupting his/her sleep. They next run to the shower and have already left their house and are in a meeting instead of enjoying the miracle of the shower — hot adjustable, clean, clear running water whenever you want it at your convenience in your own home.  The miracle in that!  We are so spoiled.  So many other countries wish for safe drinking water.  The human doing may even see it as an inconvenience that they HAVE to shower every morning.

Did I just describe you?

Would you rather be a human being (which is by the way what you already are by default whether or not you really act like one ;))  Can a human being get a lot done like their overachiever counterpart the human doing?  Yes, and I think even more so.  Here’s why:

In addition to competing and completing the many tasks that the human doing can complete in one day’s time, the human being will feel like they have more time, because they won’t feel like they are struggling and striving, and as a result will get enjoyment from life.  Living each moment as it unfolds feels like you have more time because in a since by paying attention to your senses you are actually experiencing life fully instead of fast forwarding through it. 

The human being also has a better chance of staying calm and composed while achieving and completing many tasks during a very busy day while living each moment as it comes not stuck in the past somewhere or wishing your life away by dreaming about some magical place in the future but living life the only way we really can, in the present moment.

I’ve tried both ways and hands down human being is a much simpler, happier, peaceful way to live.  If you haven’t tried it already, you should try it for 90 days, if you don’t like it, you can go back to being a human doing.  I’d be surprised if you wouldn’t want to continue with a practice of mindfulness.  

Unlike the human doing who doesn’t know which end is up and doesn’t know who to turn to in a time of crisis, the human being is able to tap into his/her inner resources always available to him/her at all times for guidance and help to think clearly and thoughtfully and use emotional intelligence when making a decision while being present for their own life and others.  I’m not saying you will always master this skill or in no means be perfect at it.   And, you will still slip out of mindfulness into moments of mindlessness, but I am saying, you will be able to recover more quickly, realize that you had a lapse in mindfulness and apologize when you hurt someone’s feelings in a moment of mindlessness.   This is a more kind, compassionate, non-harming way to live.

Why wouldn’t you want to consider a practice of Mindfulness and fully become the human being you were meant to become — tap into your inner resources and self realize all that you already are? 

How do you start — very simple.   The act of paying attention to your life by taking it one moment at a time in a non-jugmental, non-reactive, clear knowing, clear seeing, way.    How does this work?    It just does.   Meditation and Mindfulness are really one in the same.   Once you start following the breath and are essentially listening to what you choose to focus on — sensations in your body, sounds around you, or your breath coming into and leaving your body, you will also start to notice thoughts and begin to question the nature of mind — that is negative mind states and automatic pop up thoughts often negative in nature — and discover if you do nothing but watch the thought in 30 seconds it will dissolve into something much more interesting. This is freedom and peace which also leads to happiness. How amazing is that. The miracle of mindfulness!

To start a practice of mindfulness you just have to breathe. The most natural thing we do and without it we can not survive. Add smiling it has so many benefits. You can do this anywhere anytime for however long as you would like — 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes or more. Standing, sitting, laying down. Wherever, whenever you’d like — except while operating machnery.

So think about it are you a human doing or a human being? And which would you rather be? You can be anything you want to be. The choice is yours. If you would like to learn more about how to follow the breath and how to meditate watch one of my videos and read my article on How to follow the breath.

I wish you great love, happiness & peace today and always!

Cindi Silva

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