Interconnected as One

another poem I wrote demonstrating important mindfulness concepts — we are all interconnected, although unique we are the same, shifting perspective, practicing loving kindness and compassion, being non judgmental, impermanence, practicing altruism, using emotional inteligence to get through the situation no matter how bad it may seem.

I am a Patriot
Still Proud To Be
Living in the Great USA
I support my Leaders with a social conscience
I support social justice
I support Peace, yet I support the soldiers
We are all Interconnected as One

Economic downturn
Troubling Times
Lesser Depression
Worse Recession Since the Great Depression
I’m Calling it the Grandchild to the Great Depression
The rich sacrificing the middle class
The poor invisible to the rich
Don’t they know we are all Interconnected as One?

Choking Back the tears as I witness
More & more of my brothers & sisters living in the streets
Turning to Strangers for survival
I look into their eyes
Sometimes I recognize myself
Once doctors, lawyers, engineers
Teachers, secretaries, someone’s sons and daughters
They look at me for help
The poor helping the poor

1 in 6 Americans is Reported Hungry
Read the sign
I hope it’s never my children
I wish I could help them all
No one should ever have to go without food
No parent should have to decide who’s turn it is to eat today
We are all Interconnected as One

Mother’s doing things they shouldn’t have to do
What would you sell to make sure your children can eat?
How much of yourself?
Stay in abusive relationships?

No mother should ever have to be forced to make those decisions

No child should ever have to know the sacrifices his/her mother made

The new American Dream

Shelter of some sort
Food on the table
A steady job
Health Benefits aren’t even on the table
Just making it
Is that really too much to ask
In this rich nation of ours?
I still see people with so much money
I see more people barely making it
How can that be?
Where is the social justice in that?

Foreclosure is bad
Shift perspective
Living under the freeway is so much worse
Everything you own in one plastic bag
An evian bottle is your shower
The street is your toilet and your bed
Your pants — your toilet paper
You can’t get away from your own smell
Next time someone asks you for change
Will you roll down your window and reach out with your heart
Or will you drive away away from the stench of poverty and despair
We are all Interconnected as One

Dislocated worker is bad
What creative ways can you make money
That you haven’t yet explored?
Don’t be too proud to make minimum wage
Drawing from your retirement account is bad
Shift perspective
At least you had one to draw from
I know it’s still bad
What happens after it’s gone?
You ask yourself in the middle of the night
Is EDD still a resource?
Sleepless nights
Tortured by nightmares
How can this be happening?

What can we do to help?
Don’t give up!
Look for the beauty in life
It is always there; remember this
As long as you’re breathing
That’s all that really matters
Practice altruism
Vote with a social conscience
Practice kindness and compassion
Donate as you downsize
Share what you have (always)
Learn from each other
Help those Less fortunate than You
Educate your children; invest in the future
Send them to college
After to the Peace Corps
We will get through this
Share the word We are all Interconnected as One



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