Looking In

A poem I wrote about mindfulness, letting go of fear, living open & large or living life safe inside the box.  Great happiness & peace to you!

Outside the Box Looking In

  • It’s where I’ve always been
  • Never knowing what is going to happen next
  • You’re the same
  • You just don’t know it
  • The only difference
  • I’m not afraid any more
  • I realize I don’t have control over life’s unexpected plans for me
  • I know and it’s okay
  • I’m ready for whatever comes next

You’re in the box

  • Feeling sorry for me
  • Think I don’t have direction
  • You’re the only one with goals & dreams
  • Think the plans you are making are happening
  • In your schedule
  • On your timeline
  • It’s all under your control


  • When life knocks on your door
  • Surprises you with a trick up its sleeve
  • An unexpected factor not in your plan
  • Disappointment when it doesn’t fit in your box
  • Disease
  • Loss
  • Accident
  • Poverty
  • Death of someone you love

Surprise when it brings you great joy

  • Windfall cash
  • Better job
  • Love
  • New car
  • Better circumstances

You say I’m a dreamer

  • Talking about Mindfulness
  • Living each moment
  • Seeing endless possibiities
  • Working in many directions
  • Seeing where life takes me
  • Going with the flow

When You say I’m an artist

  • I’m flexible always trying things
  • You say it like it’s a bad thing
  • Are you a little jealous
  • Do you wonder what
  • It would be like to not
  • Fit in the box
  • To live life so


  • That it doesn’t fit inside a box?
  • Endless Possibilities exist for you too.
  • It’s okay to come out.

Just do it!



About mindfulnesswalks

Publicist| Citizen Journalist| Host| Mindfulness Walks| Virtual Cafe|Poet| Writer| Artist
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