Teaching Your Kids The Tools of Mindfulness in Daily Living

The Importance of Teaching Your Kids To Remember One Good Thing That Happens Each Day

by Cindi Silva

July 27, 2011

I remember as a new working mom I was telling a wise a co-worker I felt I was missing out by not being able to pick my child(ren) up right after school and hearing all about their day. I remember as a child running in the front door after school and yelling, “Mom, I’m home!” And finding my Mom waiting for me. I loved it. I couldn’t wait to tell my Mom all about my day. What I learned. What was funny, what was sad, what I loved!

 I was feeling conflicted that I couldn’t offer that to my own children. She smiled and said I wasn’t missing out on a thing. I could still hear about their day. They would save it for me. I just had to create our own ritual maybe at dinner time or at bed time, wherever I could carve time out and go over the events of the day.

My friend was right it doesn’t seem to matter what time you talk over the events of the day, the important part is making sure you connect each day and listen to what your child(ren) has to say! I taught my children early on to remember one good thing that happened each day. I find it is a mindfulness practice and tool that helps so much in life.

Great love, happiness and peace to you!



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