Twitter / @Cindi Silva: Happy up| Yourself| Tip o\\\’Th …

Twitter / @Cindi Silva: Happy up Yourself Tip o\\\’Th ….

The Happy Up| Urself| tip O’The Day Originally was going to read: Don’t be too invested in your ideas, opinions and beliefs.  Like a pair of shoes| after they have served| you well, you should replace them when they no longer serve you.  (over 140 characters)

Just buddhism| all over again| . . .

What am I talking about here? —  Acceptance| —  It may not be what you thought you wanted, but it is what you have to work with.  So get over yourself.|  Work with what you have. And create the most positive outcome you can out of the resources you have available to you.  New opportunities will keep arising and if you keep your mind open in Awareness you will be able to spot them.   You may be pleasantly surrprised and happier than you ever could imagine with the results than what you thought you originally wanted.

On the path to acceptance|you meet shifting perspective|, questioning your thoughts|, opinions|, ideas|, beliefs|.  Make room down the path| for new opinions|, ideas|, and beliefs|.  Letting go| of old opinions|, ideas|, beliefs|, and thoughts|, you once had that no longer serve| you.  You do this in acceptance|, willingly, in a non-critical|, non-judgmental|, open way.   You feel happier|, more focused|, more open|, than ever before.  You are lighter| as you move along the path| open| and ready for whatever greets you each moment| one after another| moment by moment| as you live the adventure| that is your life|.  This is mindfulness| in daily living.|  A path of peace|: meeting whatever comes your way in mindfulness|,  awareness|,  open|,  non-acceptance|, non-resistance|, non-judgmental, dealing with whatever comes your way, good, bad or neutral.  This moment|.  This breath|.

I wish you great success, happiness and peace.   Cindi Silva|

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