Walk & Meditate 4 Health|Mindfulness Walk Event|Sunday, June 5, 2011, Crown Beach, Alameda, CA 10:00 AM

My next Walk & Meditate 4 Health is Sunday, June 5th, Crown Beach, Alameda, 10:00 a.m. — Come join us! RSVP learn how to meditate for free.

What you will learn as you Walk & Meditate 4 Health, or Walk in Mindfulness:

Through a practice of meditation you learn so much about yourself. I couple meditation with exercise because I feel the mind/body connection is so powerful. I also know that not everyone wants to sit still; I know from personal experience you can meditate any time anywhere. I always add: remember to smile –24/7. There are added health benefits from smiling. You know you are smiling enough when everyone you know starts asking you, “Why are you always smiling?”. Focus, communication first with yourself and then with others, stress reduction, lower blood pressure, improved sleep, increased energy, happiness, better relationships with family and friends, these are reasons to walk & meditate for health.

A practice of mindfulness gives you the gift of concentrated focus as you stand in your field of awareness. While you Walk & Meditate 4 Health you are creating for yourself a healthy, positive, successful life style you deserve as you learn to follow the breath.

A practice of mindfulness which is the same as a practice of meditation you become an expert in communication by first learning how to communicate with your inner self so you can communicate better with the outside world. As you meditate you learn how your mind has a mind of its own. While you follow the breath you notice your mind constantly interrupts you with automatic thoughts of its own. Thoughts that are untrue in nature. By simply watching the thoughts you automatically become better at catching yourself and not letting your buttons get pushed by not investing in your ego, thoughts, ideas and opinions what I would call emotional intelligence. Watching the thoughts in a non-reactive, non-judgmental state also frees you of fear and other negative mind states. By simply watching a fearful or anxiety thought and doing nothing with it, after 30-90 seconds the thought will dissolve into something much more interesting. You learn that your mind is a powerful tool and ally and you learn to think thoughts that make you feel good — Positive Psychology. While you are meditating you are also paying attention to how to fuel your body with optimum nutrition and exercise.

There are so many reasons to Walk & Meditate 4 your Health. Join us June 5th at 10:00 a.m. Crown Beach in Alameda. I look forward to seeing you!

Cindi Silva Communication Coach

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