Lettuce| Proof that Nutrition can be Delicious Too

Click on the link. If the link doesn’t come up, copy and paste the link and place it your url bar and click. You’ll be glad you did!


Click on this link to see the salad bar selection and the yummy end result of a cobb salad. If it doesn’t come up, please copy and paste in your url bar and you will get a peek of the yummy food and the feel of the warmth and good natured staff but the video misses the ambiance of the restaurant located in the Creek’s moderate $$-$$$ shopping area (across the street from one of my favorite artist’s friends — Cheap Pete’s)

Bon appetit!

I love this restaurant! Consistently high in quality, organic, local, sustainable food, fresh delicious berries and mango year round, customer satisfaction. I’ve reviewed Lettuce  on yelp. I’ve given Lettuce a shout out on twitter @zendi4peace. Even their water is delicious! Vegetarians and vegans can easily find delicious meals here.  I highly recommend you check it out!


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