Lance Armstrong| Each One of Us Holds Many Universes Within Ourselves

Lance Armstrong. — Each one of us holds many universes within ourselves.  This is so powerful! Translated: we are so much more than what we think we are.  To put it another way: If we live our lives without letting fear get in our way, we can stand confidently and strong in our field of awareness and not let anything get in our way and truly choose to take advantage of the endless possibilities that life will send our way.  How do I know this is true?  An excellent example of this is Lance Armstrong.  I am so inspired by Lance Armstrong and the way he stands open in his field of awareness, seeing the endless possibilities that are available to him, expanding what he can do and inviting the world to join in with him, and in his own word “livestrong.”

So many words can describe Lance Armstrong.  I’m just going to use the first 10 that pop into my mind: altruistic, generous, healthy, father, strong, courageous, wise, tough, winning athlete, cancer survivor.   What are the first ten that come to mind when you think of Lance Armstrong?

I haven’t seen too many interviews of Lance, but I did recently watch a Youtube video and favorite it on my channel CindiSilva Teaches.  Lance struck me as soft spoken, gentle, humble yet confident, not what you would picture as a celebrity more of what I would consider a regular guy, but so much more than that.   When I thought may be Lance is just using his celebrity in the most altruistic way to find a cure for cancer just like he beat cancer himself and to enlighten the world  by example and sending a message by way of his celebrity “livestrong” my working definition — choose a healthy life style, eat for optimum nutrition, exercise for health.  Clearly it has worked for Lance. At this point in time the best cure for cancer is to prevent it in the first place and your best defense in that endeavor is to choose a healthy life style, eat for optimum nutrition and exercise, meditate, and I like to add use your mind as the powerful tool and ally that it is and think thoughts that make you feel good.

Do I think everyone will become a winning athlete and practice altruism to the degree of Lance Armstrong?  Not hardly.  (But I secretly like to imagine how beautiful the world would be if that were to happen.)  But I would like to plant a little altruistic seed of my own right now, did you know that you can make simple life style changes starting today that will lead you to your path of  healthier living while you reduce stress and happy up yourself at the same time.

You can start with trying these:

1.  Take the stairs whenever possible:  Think: Each stair is a step for good health.

2.  Eat for nutrition not for taste.   That means no refined sugar, no processed foods, no fast food, no greasy foods, no foods from vending machines.  I also feel no meats.  After you wean yourself away from all these non-nutritious foods — foods I think of as non-foods.  You will notice that nutritious foods (whole foods — fruits and vegetables rich in natural color)  actually do have optimum nutrition and taste, yummy!

3.  No more sodas|!  Sugar is poison for your system.  I found out when I had cancer that sugar was fuel for cancer.  Not even diet sodas. They are unnaturally sweet and make you crave sugar more. I went cold turkey on sugar consumption during my cancer treatment. Drink ice water instead.  Add orange slices, lemon slices & mint  or  Cucumber slices & mint for variety.

4. For chocolate| lovers. Milk chocolate is high in sugar. The darker the chocolate the lower the sugar content. Choose dark chocolate chips with walnut pieces and organic raisins to create your own candy bar or you could add or substitute almonds (raw or steam pasteurized) for walnuts.

5.  No more fast foods!  My Mom always said, if you can’t say anything good about someone, don’t say anything at all.  Well, fast foods fall into this category, although they aren’t a someone.

6.  No more processed| foods! Especially no potato chips.  No crackers.  If you absolutely need something crunchy.  Reach for an organic apple, organic celery stick, or organic carrot.  If you need something salty, try organic pretzel sticks (I know they’re processed but try to get one that’s organic and read the ingredients.)

7.  Bring your own snacks with you.   If you aren’t allergic to nuts try a handful of walnuts|.  High in omega 3.  These will help satiate you before a meal.

8.  Incorporate leafy greens to your weekly shopping list.  Buy organic baby spring mix and eat it daily.  When you go to a restaurant pick out the salad| with the organic baby spring mix.  Careful with the dressing.  Avoid it altogether if you can.

9. Get to sleep| earlier. Feeling rested makes a huge difference in your overall health and well being; and

10. Add 30 minutes for a daily walk & meditate for health.  Give your mind five minutes of following the breath (my blog, @zendi4peace, and my Youtube channel CindiSilva teaches will all teach you how), give your body a 25 minute walk for health.   This will help you to discover who you really are, feel healthier than you have in a long time, and ready for whatever comes your way as you stand open in your field of awareness seeing the endless possibilities that are available to you, expanding what you can do and inviting the world to join in with you, and in Lance Armstrong’s words “livestrong.” While standing in your field of awareness, what message will you come across and want to share with the world to help revolutionize how we think and better our health and well being?  I wish you good health, happiness and peace.  Cindi Silva

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