Mindfulness is Home Sweet Home|

I’m currently writing a book and I was discussing mindfulness with a friend who asked me “what is mindfulness?” I then realized there were so many ways to define mindfulness maybe I could come up with one more and this morning as I awoke, still lying in bed while meditating it hit me. Mindfulness is home. With mindfulness You are Always Home| Because with mindfulness you are standing in your field of awareness and in mindfulness your field of awareness is home.

As a kid I would see signs hanging in people’s houses, “Home Sweet Home”, I still see these signs sometimes today in ice cream shops and touristy areas. So I googled “home sweet home” a few minutes ago to see what would come up and I was surprised at the results — Home Sweet Home still works even today. So may be this is a universal way to define Mindfulness to someone who is unfamiliar with the practice of Mindfulness.

Similarities between A Home and A Practice of Mindfulness:

1) A Home is a place we always feel comfort and know we are safe|.
A practice of Mindfulness gives us that. We have tools to access our inner knowing, wisdom, intelligence, compassion|, intuition, kindness, the heart & soul of us coupled with breathing & smiling| which lowers our heart rate, lowers our blood pressure| and clears our mind and sends chemicals to make us feel better or as I like to say happy| up yourself and those around us.

2) A shelter to seek refuge from a storm.
A practice of Mindfulness gives us that too with the same tools I just mentioned. In addition we look at whatever storm of problems that comes our way in a non-reactive, non-judgmental, non-personal way. Very effective tools to make difficult decisions because with Mindfulness| our ego is already out of the way.

3) A Home is A place to go to celebrate our achievements.
A practice of Mindfulness allows us to look over the events of the day and say, “Yes, I like that positive outcome,” breathing and smiling happily. Dancing, singing, laughing — celebrating joy.

4) Home is a place where we feel loved.
A practice of Mindfulness is a practice of love — non-harming, loving-kindness|, compassion for you and it is universal| and it shows us we are all global and interconnected.

5) A Home is a place we have all our stuff and tools we need to live, regroup, recharge, sort through stuff and weigh the options to determine the best outcome with the least negative lingering after-effects and are ready to go back and take action the next day.

A practice of Mindfulness gives us the tools we need available to us at our access at all times. We are always ready to celebrate the good, work with the neutral, or deal with the bad, because we always have with us our inner wisdom, intelligence, knowing, compassion, kindness, non-harming ability to shift perspective, put our ego aside and not take things personally, and we know that life is impermanent and this situation no matter how bad it is right now it is impermanent and it too will change.

A practice of Mindfulness gives you acceptance, perspective, insight, wisdom, clarity, focus|, the ability to listen| and communicate| first innermost with yourself and then outwardly to others.

To sum it all up, HOME is YOU. AND a Practice of Mindfulness brings you back to you. So, A Practice of Mindfulness is Home.

I wish you great happiness and peace.

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  1. Very nice site. Thanks for sharing.

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