Osama Bin Laden killed by elite team| How does this News Make You Feel?

I don’t make it a practice to watch the news before I go to sleep at night. I like to relax and fill my mind with thoughts of peace and visions that bring me happiness and great contentment. I find the nightly news doesn’t have that effect on me. So, I didn’t find out until I logged in to my computer and connected globally early this a.m. that Osama Bin Laden had been reportedly killed. The man that had masterminded the 9/11 terrorist attack on America and had been both feared and hated by most Americans and I imagine much of the world for at least the past 10 years. And it made me think the following thoughts: Was Osama Bin Laden really the only one to blame in the 9/11 terrorist attacks? Were we really safer now because the mastermind of the attacks and creator of the evil plot was now reportedly destroyed himself?

I heard that there were 22 people that were killed or captured that were in his hideaway bunker which was really a mansion. I then searched for the yin yang in Laden — every good has a little bit of bad; and every bad has a little bit of good in it and — what I thought in Osama Bin Laden’s case would probably be a speck of good in what I thought of would probably be in a sea of bad and thought maybe I had found it– Laden was a man trying to protect his family and close advisors and friends and took the 22 other people into hiding with him. In all his bad, hate, anger he had some shred of decency and was trying to protect the people he felt he needed to survive the last 10 years.

Don’t get me wrong. I still think anyone who uses war, terror and violent extremism as a policy and way of life not someone to be admired, but I am saying he was also a man, a husband, a father, and started out as somebody’s beautiful baby boy. I’m sure his mother must have felt like most mothers do when they first look into their baby’s eyes so much love and hope for her beautiful baby boy and wanted the best for him. What a horrific disappointment for her. I haven’t studied up on his family, but even if he was groomed for the life he led, I’m sure as a mother she still felt his love and saw his good when she first gazed into his innocent baby boy eyes.

How ironic that destroying someone’s life is the only way that we have to try to stop them from destroying more lives when we have advanced so far as a civilization and have such sophisticated technology. It made me think of when I had breast cancer. That’s part of the cure and way to stop cancer is cut out the cancer. Then follow-up treatment. Although this approach does work great for cancer in most cases. I guess I’m asking does this approach work for ending terrorism? I don’t think it does for many reasons. If it were to work, we would need to have a follow-up treatment that we could now use. Like in the case of cancer. Only in this case we used violence to end Laden’s life and I suppose more violence will be used as a follow up to end terrorism. Now Laden is dead, we cut him out of the picture, but we don’t have a follow-up to end terrorism except possibly for more violence.

I’m seeing a huge reaction of celebration and relief. I don’t feel like celebrating or relief. I feel sadness. I’m just pointing out that one man with these wrong ideas is gone. Don’t get me wrong, I do wish that right now all the hate, anger war, violence and acts of terrorism and extremism would be vanished from the face of the earth with the death of this one man but I don’t see how that could be possible at this point in time by ending this man’s life in an act of violence. I do wish at some point in time human kind will realize for our species to survive we need to acknowledge we are all interconnected, global and need to practice a policy of love, non-harming, kindness and work together to eradicate disease, poverty, hunger, loneliness, hate and alleviate human suffering. I wish you peace.


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One Response to Osama Bin Laden killed by elite team| How does this News Make You Feel?

  1. Terrorism can’t be killed of course. And the practice of love doesn’t help much as long as the love-practice isn’t connected with the practice of justice. Standing up and fighting for Human Rights is therefore in my opinion the real battlefield against terrorism. Dharmatalk, Dogmatalk or Drasha(talk) doesn’t make us globaly interconnected in real time. All actions, even the smallest ones, undertaken for Ruman Rights do. Personally I do need some Dharma- or Derashatalk to find the courage and concentration to keep on doing this. Payer and meditation helps me a lot. Friendly greetings, Roy G.D Carton

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