A Thought On Thoughts, Communication of Thoughts and AWARENESS

There is so much to write about thoughts and thinking which lead to our ability to communicate. To me our mind is such a powerful tool and ally. We communicate on so many levels. First our mind connects our body so we can physically function, and then we continue to communicate our inner awareness through our 5 senses and through a sixth sense our mind– our physical orientation, and then still through our inner awareness we communicate our emotional intelligence or lack of it, ego, ideas, opinions, and then we communicate to the outside world through words and physical actions. No wonder it is so difficult to communicate. By the time the words get out there are so many levels of communication we have already gone through. It’s like kids playing a round of telephone!

But . . . before that let’s take a brief look at thoughts and AWARENESS . . .

I like to teach everyone the tools they need to access their own inner strength and wisdom, AWARENESS and learn that thoughts are fleeting and untrue in nature. This is a path to happiness and peace.

Your mind is a powerful tool and ally. Think thoughts that make you feel good.

Through a practice of mindfulness based meditation you will soon notice that the mind has a mind of its own so to speak. Your mind will pop up thoughts that are not your own. Not only are they automatic in nature they are also untrue. If you do nothing but watch the thought you will notice in 30-90 seconds the thought will dissipate just like it came. Once you realize that just because you have a thought it doesn’t make it true,making the thought delusional in nature you no longer need to listen to the thought. This is so freeing. You are no longer victim to negative thoughts especially thoughts that cause fear or anxiety. By AWARENESS of knowing this you can dismiss negative thoughts that connect your mind-body to make you feel bad ( dis-ease physically and mentally) and create thoughts of your own that produce positive mind states that make you feel happy, confident, energetic, and focus your attention building a life in ease not dis-ease. Now that you know this, the next time a negative thought enters your field of AWARENESS do nothing with it, wait 30-90 seconds watch it dissipate, then think a positive thought that makes you feel good. I wish you great peace and happiness.

Cindi Silva Communication Coach


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