Pray or Meditate|: Mindfulness is Non-Attachment

Pray or Meditate?| Mindfulness teaches non-attachment, impermanence.

For me one of the many benefits of the practice of mindfulness has been non- attachment. What do I mean by that? Being able to fully get that you are you no matter what else happens in and around your life.

So even if you lose your job, you’re still ok, you’re still you. Or if you lose your current home, your still okay, you’re still you. Or if circumstances in your family change, you’re still okay, you’re still you. Same with your health, you’re still okay, you still are you.

In other words, you’re not really defined by any of those things. Because they are not really you. You are still you no matter where you live, no matter what job you have, no matter what is going on with your family, no matter what is happening with your health. You are always you.

And accepting that life is impermanent. Constantly changing. Different from one moment to the next is another benefit from the practice of mindfulness.

Is this something that you consciously think about as you’re practicing mindfulness?


How does the Practice of Mindfulness help you get the concepts of non-attachment and impermanence?

It filters over from watching your breath in a non-striving, non-reactive, non-judgmental way and then letting it go.

Then as a thought pops up in your mind while you are doing this. Adding that same technique, just watching the thought in a non-striving, non-reactive, non-judgmental way and the thought will quickly dissipate just like it came.

To me non-attachment is a present that comes with the practice of mindfulness.

This is especially important when life is most challenging. The loss of someone you loved. The loss of a career. Losing your home. Hearing an unfavorable medical diagnosis, for me it was you have breast cancer.

Living in present moment awareness. Being there for yourself, your job, your family and friends.

Living life one moment at a time the only way we really can.

Not being full of regrets stuck in the past somewhere.

Not being worried about or fearful of the future.

Remember 3 years ago this moment is the moment you were thinking about.

3 years from now this same moment will be the past.

The only time you have to live this moment is now.

Be where you are while you’re there and you’ll have no regrets. And don’t forget to smile.


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