Visualization/Meditate Before Presentation

Cindi Silva|
Before an important presentation, interview, meeting or event. I find this exercise very helpful.

In a safe place, eyes open or closed, visualize the early evening prior to the presentation, interview, meeting or event.

Imagine you just finished cleaning up after your favorite healthy dinner and are now ready to go and get your clothes together for the next day’s event.

You go to your bedroom and collect your neatly cleaned and pressed outfit imagine all down to the last detail what you are going to wear. As you lay them out on your favorite chair or place to lay out your clothes. Your shoes and other accessories are also there.

Imagine going to bed early and relaxing/meditating prior to sleep. Waking up early in time for at least 5 minute of meditating upon waking and feeling refreshed, relaxed and focused. Ready for the day.

Having plenty of time to get ready. Imagine taking your shower and washing your hair. Not letting your mind wander to later in the day to what’s going to happen in the presentation while you are in the shower but just enjoying the experience of the refreshing warm water while you are in the shower. Then having plenty of time to get ready after. Whatever your routine is. Drying your hair. Shaving. Applying make-up. Whatever is appropriate.
Everything goes smoothly.

Having time to for a light breakfast and beverage and you are headed out the door with plenty of time to spare.

Imagine driving in your car or taking public transportation and allowing ample time to get to your destination. You are relaxed. Happy. Things are going well. You have plenty of time to spare.

When you arrive to your destination. You walk in the door confident. Smiling. Ready. Focused. You see the room. The room is familiar. You have been there before. There are people scattered around the room. You smile at everyone you see. Everyone smiles back at you.

You meet the receptionist with a confident smile and are quickly led to the meeting room.

You enter the room and are introduced to the group you will be meeting with, presenting to, interviewing with, whatever is appropriate. You shake hands, with a confident, warm smile and are feeling focused, ready, and calm and approachable.

You give your presentation, interview, or meeting. As you speak the words flow. You are prepared. In your usual intelligent manner. You are an expert in your field and your subject matter. You are capable. It goes smoothly. You answer all questions in the same manner.

When you are done. You smile warmly, confidently. Thank the group. Conclude the presentation, interview, meeting appropriately and walk out feeling confident, happy, and successful.

On the actual day of the meeting, prior to walking into the building, breathe 3x half smiling, think: “I am focused”, “I am ready.”

I wish you continued success.

Cindi Silva, Communication Coach|


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