5 Minutes to Meditate

You can do this anywhere, anytime. In a safe place, choose your position sitting, standing (or laying down). Eyes open or closed.

Breathe. That’s it. Breathe regularly. Follow your breath while you breath. That is “follow how you breathe”.

Start by paying attention to how your stomach rises on the in breath and releases on the out breath.

Do this for 3 breaths, half smiling. Just follow the breath as you breathe.

Repeat for another 3 breaths, half smiling. Pay attention to your stomach rising on the in breath and your stomach releasing on the out breath.

Now follow your breathing as you breath through your nose. Again regular breathing. Half smiling. Follow your breath as you inhale going into your nose, and follow your breath going out of your nose as you exhale. Do this 3x

Now as your doing this you may notice your mind starts to wander. You’ll start to have automatic untrue thoughts pop up. It’s okay. It’s what the human mind does.

You may think, am I doing this right? Yes you are. Now, bring your mind back to following the breath.

You may think, is this all there is to meditating? Yes. Keep it up.

I should be doing something more productive. How will this help me? Meditation has many benefits. You are being productive by taking care of your mind and body and learning to relax. Improving your focus, clarity, improved listening and communication your family friends and business associates and clients will notice a difference if you continue to practice, keep it up for improved health, lower blood pressure, improved sleep, digestion, to name a few.

When a thought pops up you are going to not feed into it by adding any more thoughts to it but treat the thought neutral in a non-judgmental, non-reactive way, and watch the thought dissipate by letting go simply by bringing your attention back to the breath. After all this is mindfulness based stress reduction meditation and non-striving.

As you breathe in, say or think, “breathe in”; as you breathe out, say or think, “breathe out”.

On the in breath imagine the air you feel as you breathe coming in to your nose you are directing it into your stomach. And on the out breath as you breathe out, imagine the air you feel going out of your nose is also coming out of your stomach. So you feel the interconnectedness of your breathing through your nose and your stomach.

So, your breathing in through your nose into your stomach, and breathing out through your nose and from your stomach.

Feel the breath coming in through your nose and your stomach rising on the in breath; and feel the breath going out through your nose and your stomach flattening on the out breath.

As you breath in, think or say, “I am happy.”

On the out breath, think or say, “I am peace.”

Do this for 5 minutes every day. I would start by doing this 5 minutes before you go to sleep at night. Then increase this to 3x a day. Upon wakening, at lunch time or in the middle of the day and before falling asleep.

I would then build up to 10 minutes 3x a day, 20 minutes 3 x a day. Go at your own pace and work it in.

Be where you are while you’re there and don’t forget to smile!

Cindi Silva|
Communication Coach|



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