I Invite You To Try Loving Smile Meditation

To me the mind body connection is so powerful. Neuroscientists are constantly finding this to be true. Our brains once thought to be rigid and stop growing are now found to have plasticity and to rewire and keep growing. How great is that!

Stroke victims with persistence and much practice and a loving coach have been able to relearn and rewire their brain to be able to relearn and regain normal functioning lives by training other parts of their brain. It takes years for this to happen. But it happens.

Veterans that have had suffered brain injuries and complete limb paralysis have been able to move their paralyzed limb with persistence and practice. Starting with tiny repetitious movement working into being able to move their whole limb. Rewiring, retraining, relearning. How amazing is that!

These are just two examples. Neuroscientists are working on so many things right now. The message here is YOUR MIND IS A POWERFUL THING! If your mind can do all that for you what are you going to do for it? For a start: Throughout The Day Think thoughts That Make You Feel Good!

This can change an ordinary day into an extraordinary day. Combine simple meditation exercises with positive thoughts. An example would be several times during the day, build up to whenever you think of it; half smiling, breathe 3x, on the in breath: “I am love”, on the out breath “I am peace.” or if you would rather on the in breath: “I am joy”, and on the out breath, “I spread peace.”

Taking it one step further. Now that you are feeling good. Let’s spread the good feeling to everyone who sees you. That’s right keep that smile on 24/7. There are so many amazing benefits to smiling. Not just a pretty face, a smile has endorphin releasing and muscle tension releasing properties as well. I like to think of a smile as natural makeup.

So keep that Loving Smile Meditation with you throughout the day. Think of yourself as a messenger spreading universal love. Smile a genuine loving smile at everyone you encounter during the day.

While your at it, constantly shift perspective. While driving are you really stuck in traffic, or are you simply driving somewhere; standing in line are you wasting your time in line, or is this an opportunity to spend a few minutes to just relax; walking down the street how many people can you smile at and how many people will smile back at you (aren’t smiles contagious just like yawns?); when you get to the clerk at the cash register how many people have greeted her/him with a friendly smile not a complaint that day (maybe you’ll be the first!)

From my experience this meditation has been very beneficial in many ways. It is very relaxing and mood lifting for the meditator and I see it has a very positive reaction on the people receiving the loving smile meditation. The reaction is typically that you are not a stranger but a friend that they have connected with.

Over the weekend while driving I stopped at a crosswalk. I smiled a genuine loving smile and waved at the pedestrian walking in front of my car. The person did a double take and greeted me with a loving smile and big wave. The look was we made a connection.

I strongly recommend trying this meditation for yourself. Try it for 1 day. Then try it for one week and watch what happens. If you get good results why not incorporate it into your life. I have.

Cindi Silva, Communication Coach|



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