Mindfulness is Non-Striving|& Beginner’s Mind| — zendi4peace, guided mindfulness walks|

Tonight when I went for a walk with my son hearing about his day and enjoying the scenery around us I thought it was such a great reminder that mindfulness is non-striving|. As you walk in awareness in the present moment. Awarenessing each moment as it unfolds, accepting it as it is. And then let it go to the next moment and the moment after that and the moment after that. . .

As I looked into his eyes and listened to the details of his day, he was so excited to spend this time with me and share all that happened. As I always do I felt honored and thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of sharing his day with him. This moment|, precious moment|. When he was through we played a game and we commented on everything we saw as if seeing the familiar sights for the first time. Beginner’s mind|. How low the tide was. We looked at the foot steps in the sand. We identified those that we could identify. Moving from object to object|. Moment to moment|. This moment. This breath. We enjoyed one moment after the next. In a relaxing, non-striving| way. Awarenessing| each moment as it unfolded and then letting it go. This is practicing mindfulness in daily living|.

be where you are while your there and you’ll have no regrets. I wish you peace.

Cindi Silva, Communication Coach|

Practicing Mindfulness| in Daily Living|


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